Blended Management 
Your trusted partner in developing people strategy that will make you the market leader. 
Helping to design and implement a hybrid working model which is healthy, safe and will retain your best talent. 
Unique set of skills to resolve workplace conflict with a focus on preserving constructive working relationships. 
Enabling you to avoid costly litigation and prosecutions in the areas of employee relations and health and safety. 
Fully conversant with Irish and United Kingdom employee protection and health & safety legislation. 
Skilled in delivering structured training programs for first- and second-line managers. 
Coaching for your senior management team by a director who is fully conversant with your business strategy and plans. 
Track record of coordinating the design of safe, healthy and productive workplaces as a client representative and Principal Designer. 
My aim is to be your trusted business partner creating a level playing field and empowering you to compete with larger and better resourced competitors. 
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